Antique Style Duck Decoys 69-298-3


By Tom Matus

Create American Folk Art by Learning to Carve and Paint the Contemporary Antique Decoy. In Antique-Style Duck Decoys, Tom Matus, an experienced wildfowl hunter and a champion decoy carver, introduces you to the special world of the Contemporary Antique-Styled Decoy. Whether you're a novice exploring the craft of decoy carving, a veteran craftsman seeking a change of pace, or a painter looking for a fresh outlet to demonstrate your talents, the author's expert guidance will have you creating your very own stylized contemporary decoy to display and admire. With the help of more than 370 color photographs and easy-to-follow instruction, you'll master the basics and learn the secrets of: Carving the Decoy, Aging the Wood, Preparing the Surface, Painting the Decoy& Antiquing Techniques


8.5" x 11" soft cover with 108 pages