Carving the Native American 69-787-2


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by John Burke

 Carving the Native American takes the reader step-by-step through the creation of an expressive Native American bust. From starting with a clay model, to blocking out your carving, to shaping and detailing the tiniest curves of the face, all the way to staining and finishing, it guides you through the entire process of sculpting a large lifelike bust. Both beginning and veteran carvers will discover practical techniques and strategies to apply to any large sculptural carving. Sketch guides are provided to help you shape a realistic face, along with comprehensive instructions and hundreds of revealing photographs of work in progress. The author's original sketches and personal sidebars throughout this book offer revealing insights for a new generation of sculptors. A beautiful full color gallery presents an inspirational selection of his most magnificent work.


8.5" x 11" soft cover with 104 pages