Colwood Galaxy


Award winning wildlife art is burned lightly and consistently. The burn should be a nice "toast-like" hue. Charred wood is usually the sign of a coarse burn lacking fine detail. Therefore, the successful artist requires a tool that provides steady power in order to produce a burn that does not fade or become too dark. The Galaxy's digital display and unique circuitry that compensates for fluctuations in line voltage promote this process.Standard Features: Digital Display (nominal range 0-550) - 55 distinct temperature settings -Circuitry that compensates for fluctuations in line voltage -3 pronged AC cord and built-in fuse -Precise, solid state temperature controller -One ultra-flex handpiece cord (18 gauge) -Separate on/off switch -Terminal barrier for easy replacement of handpiece cords - Clip for mounting handpieces -4 year warranty (handpiece cord carries a 90 day warranty) - Tips and handpieces sold separately