Graeme Priddle Wood Burning Pen with Detail Master Jack


Graeme Priddle is known world wide for his embellishing and burning techniques on woodturnings. This handpiece is designed for user made custom tips for unique textures on woodturnings. Kit includes a yard of 18 gauge and 1/2 yard of 16 gauge nichrome wire for designing your own tips and 4 spare tip connectors. One specialty twisted tip is included on the pen.

This kit includes a Detail Master type adapter at the end of the handpiece cord.

Graeme has found that the commercial handpieces have gotten too hot for comfort when used at high temperatures for any length of time so he designed his own handpiece. While they still get pretty warm with extended use they do not get too hot for comfort.

The tip connectors are extended from the handle to keep the heat from the tip away from the user and extending the reach while keeping the tips as small as possible.

There are thermal convection vent holes that allow hot air will rise through the top holes bringing cold air in the bottom holes thus keeping the handpiece cool.