Illustrated Birds Of Prey: Red Tailed Hawk, American Kestrel & Peregrine Falcon 69-310-7


By Denny Rogers,  an illustrator with a background in forensic artistry and the author of The Illustrated Bald Eagle and The Illustrated Owl: Screech and Snowy. With over 200 meticulous anatomical drawings and highly detailed illustrations in an impressive variety of poses, this invaluable reference will help any bird-carver and artist how to render re-creations of some of nature's most elusive, and popular, aerial predators. From sharp talons and curved beaks to individual feather charts, The Illustrated Birds of Prey was compiled from countless photographs taken of numerous specimens of each species of bird. Additional chapters discuss the physiology and habits while extensive color charts with paint references, provided by award-winning artist and bird-carver Lori Corbett, guide artists in finishing their creations.

8.5" x 11" soft cover with 288 pages