Large Bur Holder and Tool Caddy 33-BHL


33-BHL    Large Bur Holder and Tool Caddy   

42 holes for 1/4” shank burs, 48 Holes for 1/8” shank burs and 288 holes for 3/32” shank burs, 19 holes for Colwood replaceable tips, 2 tool magnets.

These ultimate rotary bur holders feature a removable top for tool storage, angled holes on the sides for 1/4”, 1/8” and 3/32” shank burs, magnetic tool holders and holes on the lid that are perfect to hold Colwood woodburner replaceable tips. These quality holders come in a large and small version. The large stands 9-1/2” and the small stands 8” high. Treat yourself to the best!