Marathon Champion 45,000 rpm MicroMotor plus Accessories


Marathon Champion micro-motor with 45,000 rpm handpiece with over $100 Accessories.

Along with the micro motor we are offering over $100 worth of accessories including a soft case, 30 piece diamond set, Blizzard cut off wheel, 2 blizzard burs, a mandrel to use 1/16" burs along with a couple filagree burs.

This unit has proven to be a favorite with wood turners and gourd artists. The controller box features and on/off switch, variable speed control knob and a forward/reverse switch. We offer this popular unit with a 45,000 rpm handpiece with the 1/8" collet installed and include a 1/8"-3/32" collet adapter. This setup allows use of both 1/8" shank and 3/32" shank burs. It also includes an on/off foot control. Not all companies offer the same handpiece or service. Our unit comes with a 6 month warranty on the handpiece and 1 year on the controller and is serviced right here in the USA. A 1/8" to 1/16" collet adapter is available for use of 1/16" shank burs.