Power Carving Boots & Shoes 60-4615-6


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Power Carving Boots & Shoes by Roman Hrytsak 

With 250 images and 12 patterns, carve a wooden boot through illustrated step-by-step instructions. From sketching an idea to carving a stylized boot using found wood, this new DIY book guides you in preparing a pattern and cutting a blank using a bandsaw for the basic parts of a lace-up leather boot — the vamp, the toe, and the sole. Using a rotary power tool fitted with a flex-shaft hand piece, carving burrs, and sanding drums, learn how to give the boot a distinctive character for creating women’s high-heel boots, hiking boots, casual slip-on boots, and brogues. Chapters include wood selection, sketching the pattern, blank preparation, and decorating and assembling the boot. A gallery of completed projects offers inspiration for your own creative ideas. For carvers of all skill levels.

60-4615-6   8.5" x 11" soft cover with 64 pages