Ram E-Power 45,000 RPM Micro-Motor


07-EPOWER Ram 45,000 rpm Micro-Motor

The Ram E-Power is our economy micro-motor getting you up and going with a dependable Ram quality unit for under $200. It features the same handpiece as the tried and true Ram Power 45 that has over a 20 year track record. The Ram E_Power controller is an attractive box featuring a variable speed, forward and reverse function with an on/off foot control. As seen in the photo the handpiece cradle is connected to the controller box. It operates at 30 volts as opposed to the 32 volts of the RAM Power 45 so it does not have quite the power, but it is more than capable of carving with rubies, diamonds and texturing burs.

When your budget will not allow for one of the more pricy units, this makes for a very acceptable option.