Ram EXP 45,000 rpm Micro Motor 07-EXP


Limited to the inventory on hand. We are selling this Ram EXP Micro Motor for only one cent more than our price for a replacement handpiece and the collet adapter. This unit comes complete with 1/8" collet installed in the handpiece and 3/32" collet adapter along with the Ram EXP Controller for the price of $149. It features the same 45,000 rpm handpiece that sells with the Ram iCube and RamPower 45 including the extra set of brushes and wrenches. The controller box has all of the features you are looking for including an on/off switch, variable speed control knob and reverse switch. It does have one small issue. The controller was originally intended to sell with a 35,000 rpm handpiece, but we upgraded it to a 45,000 as that speed is more popular with wood carvers. This means the top speed shows as 35 printed on the controller, but it runs the supplied handpiece at 45,000. If you are looking for an inexpensive micro motor backed with a warranty and repaired here in the USA, do not over look this unit! Warranty is the standard Ram 6 month on the handpiece and one year on the controller.