$475.00 $269.00

We have all wanted a brushless micro motor but the price has always been prohibitive. No longer! We have a limited number of Ram OZ ECO units for the price of a standard brush machine. This 50,000 rpm machine was the unit that broke the $500 barrier for Ram brushless systems in 2017. 

The OZ ECO is a terrific machine with 3 times the power of a standard brush type handpiece. It runs so smooth you can hardly feel it on and is so quiet a whisper can be heard over it. This handpiece is also a multi chuck unit meaning the user can easily change collets. We are supplying it with both a 1/8" and a 3/32" collet. With a variable speed foot control included this unit is less expensive than the Ram Power 45 supplied the same way. 

Our supply is limited so if you think you even think you might want a new micro motor do not miss this incredible price.