Revolution 50 Brushless Micro-Motor 07-REV50

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07-REV50  Revolution 50 brushless micro-motor unit.

Features a 50,000 rpm reversible handpiece with all of the power you would expect from a brushless unit it comes with an 1/8" collet installed and a 3/32" collet adapter to make changing shank sizes fast and easy. The straightforward, easy to operate, digital speed readout controller gives you full control over the brushless power. The Revolution 50 also comes with a variable speed foot control that allows the user to set the high speed limit with the foot pedal fully engaged the handpiece will max out at the speed set by the knob on the controller. This price shattering unit is serviced and warrantied through Ram  Products with 6 months and the handpiece and 1 year on the controller.