Saburr Tooth 2" Cup Rasp


37-CR2, 37-CR250 Fine, 37-CR750 Medium, 37-CR290 Coarse, 37-CR125 Rough Saburr Tooth 2" Cup Rasps

Be Sure to Specify Tooth Type.

Saburr Tooth 2" diameter cup rasps come in fine grit (yellow), medium grit (red), coarse (green) and extra coarse (orange) textures. Power Carving rotary tools feature long-lasting, razor-sharp carbide cutting teeth arranged into a unique open pattern to resist loading while providing the Power Carver rapid stock removal and smoother finishes. Rotary tools are available in many shapes, sizes and textures to suit your carving, grinding, cutting and machining needs. 

Please Note:
Not for use on METAL or CERAMICS.
Safety: Always use approved eye protection and safety devices!
Sizes: Coated diameters are nominal and may vary in size by .150"
Recommended Operating Speed: 4,000 to 25,000 RPM