Whittling Country Folk


Mike Shipley
In Woodcarving Country Folk, professional caricature carver Mike Shipley introduces you to a whole clan of colorful characters from the countryside of the Ozarks from Delmer to Ol' Beau the coon hound. Whether you're a beginner just learning to carve, or an experienced caricature carver looking for some new ideas, Woodcarving Country Folk delivers plenty of fun, inspiration, and satisfaction. Inside, you'll find: A "Getting Started" chapter that outlines the essential tools needed along with some helpful sharpening, wood, and safety instructions. Step-by-step instructions to carve the character of Delmer in the author's quick and easy "clean-cut" method that imparts warmth and personality. Painting and staining tips including an easy formula for mixing wood stain in a a blender. Eleven distinctive patterns, each with an easy-to-follow cut-line. Down-home tales from the author himself about each friendly Country character.

8.5" x 11" soft cover with 88 pages