02-TAPER Long Taper Caps and Mandrel 02-taper

$21.91 $19.25

02-TAPER includes on mandrel and one each of the 60, 150, and 280 grit seamless tapered sanding caps.

5/16" diameter 3-3/8" long sleeves. Mandrel length 4-7/8" 

One 1/4" shank mandrel along with one each 60, 150 and 280 grit sleeves.  

Similar to the seamless sanding caps we have carried for years, these 1/4" shank tapered sanders with over 3 inches of grit are very useful when trying to get in to hard to reach areas.

Seamless caps sold separate are 3 3/8" long and the taper is 5/16" down to 3/16 at the tip and are available in 60, 150 and 280 grit as well as an assorted pack that includes one of each grit.