• BP50 Ram Brushless Micro Motor 07-BP50


    07-BP50 Ram BP50 Brushless Micromotor with choice of handpieces. Choose between two different handpieces: Standard size handpiece and Slim handpiece.

    World Championship Special for everyone! $50 off until April 30th

    Brushless systems, once a luxury item for people with deep pockets, the new Ram BP50 becomes a true choice for everyone considering purchasing a micromotor. With more power and speed than our brush type systems the upgrade to the BP50 more than justifies the price. Both handpieces are supplied with a 1/8" collet as well as a 1/8" to 3/32" collet adapter.

    We tested both the regular and slim handpieces and decided to offer both to our customers. They both way outperform the standard brush type units but the standard size brushless handpiece just enough more powerful and the slim handpiece just enough more comfortable that we will let you choice. Our feeling are that you will be satisfied with either handpiece so choice by what is more important power or comfort. There is a side-by-side photo above.