• 1/4" Shank Ram BP-HST TruFlex Micromotor 07-TRU


    07-TRU Ram TruFlex Micro Motor

    And now for something completely different! With more than enough power to drive a 1/4" shank bur, the new Ram BP-HST controller with a Ram TruFlex handpiece with 1/4", 1/8" and 3/32"  shank collets. Unlike the traditional micro-motor handpieces, to accommodate the 1/4" shank tools, this handpiece uses collets instead of the quick change release we have come to love. The controller box features a larger more powerful transformer that pushes an extra 30% of power to the handpiece. Our brushless units already have 3 times the power of typical brush type add on another 30% and you are holding a real beat in your hands. This Dual output controller can also accommodate a regular BP50 or Revolution 50 handpiece giving these an extra 30% power boost.

    The dual range feature allows the user to set the maximum speed limit to either 30,000 or 50,000 rpm. This safety feature protects the carver from running the large burs well beyond safe speed limits while at the press of a switch you are set to run 50,000 rpms for texturing. 

    While we are not big fans of a collet system for 1/8" and 3/32" on a micro-motor the dual output allows for both the collet type handpiece and and additional BP50 or Revolution50 handpiece to be connected to the controller at the same time, giving the carver the best of both worlds. 

    The second photo above shows a comparison of handpiece sizes from traditional brush type handpieces used on the iCube and Rampower 45 (not compatible with this unit) and our offerings of brushless handpieces. It give a good idea how the TruFlex stacks up size wise to other micro motor handpieces we offer