BeaverCraft 4-piece Compact Gouge Set with Strop and Tool Roll 49-SC01

$79.00 $59.95

49-SC01 BeaverCraft 4-piece compact gouge set with strop and tool roll
  • A set of 4 different chisels
  • Green-grey polishing compound and a leather strop are included
  • Ergonomic handles will allow comfortable woodworking
  • Comes with a canvas roll
BeaverCraft carving tools supplies, European made at a fraction of the cost.

  • Compact Handle 12mm #5 gouge
  • Compact Handle Short Bent 14mm #8 gouge
  • Compact Handle 10mm #9 gouge
  • Compact Handle 2mm #12 "V" Tool
  • 4 Pocket Tool Roll
  • Leather Strop and Compound