BeaverCraft Dual Sided Leather Paddle Strop with Compound 49-LS1P1

$30.00 $27.95

BeaverCraft Dual Sided Leather Paddle Strop with Compound Carving Knife in photo not included, only shown for size 49-LS1P1 Made in Ukraine

  • Total length – 14.96 inches
  • Length of the leatherworking part – 9.05 inches
  • Working width of the leather – 3.14 inches
  • Thickness of the strop -  0.7 inches
  • Base material – Ashwood

Double-sided leather sharpening strop with polishing compound will make your knives sharp again. The leather paddle strop is the ideal tool for doing the sharpening jobs and great for keeping kitchen knives, razors, dagger, woodcarving knives and leather cutting tools at maximum sharpness. Well-made and sturdy, the straight razor strop is pleasant and comfortable to use. This strop has smooth leather on both sides. A board with a strip of leather is also used for honing and polishing. The base is hand-made of ashwood, firm and smooth, covered with linseed oil. Use the knife sharpener with the wood handle to put the final edge on all your knives and make your chisel sharp again.  The polishing compound goes with the strop as a set.