BeaverCraft Dual Sided Leather Strop 49-LS6P1

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BeaverCraft Dual Sided Leather Strop Carving Knife not included, shown for size 49-LS6P1 Made in Ukraine

  • Length of the leather part – 9.45 inches
  • Total length – 14.57 inches
  • Total width – 1.97 inches
  • Base material – Ashwood
  • Tool sharpening significantly extends the life of your wood carving tools, so you must consider it seriously. The accuracy of the work directly depends on the tool's sharpness. The better the sharpening of your wood carving tool, the less likely it is to ruin your wood carving design or cause injuries.

To sharpen a wood carving or whittling knife well, you only need two simple devices from BeaverCraft. It is a Double-Sided Leather Strop and a Polishing Compound.

The BeaverCraft LS6P1 Honing Kit is a winning choice if you want to keep your knives razor-sharp for a long time. Double-Sided Leather Strop is the most modern type of product for sharpening wood carving tools. This strop is very easy to use. One side allows you to remove particles of metal fragments, etc., while the second side has a smoother surface, which will help keep your knife blade in perfect condition. BeaverCraft Polishing Compound is used to sharpen your wood carving knives and enhance the effect of razor-sharp blades.

The sharpening strop with the polishing compound is suitable for all knife types.