BeaverCraft Skew Knife 49-C12

$19.55 $12.95

BeaverCraft  Skew Knife Made in Ukraine 49-C12

  • Total length - 6.29 inches
  • Length of the cutting edge - 0.78 inches
  • Handle length - 4.72 inches
  • Handle material - Ashwood

This chip carving knife has a special blade shape with 45-degrees secondary bevel and is used for geometric wood carving. The wood carving knife blade is made from high carbon steel, hardened and well sharpened. This chip carving knife is one of the main tools in any type of woodwork.

With this knife you can make both smooth and curved geometric shapes, you can cut out triangles, squares, lines, waves and more. It goes both for right- and left-handed.