BeaverCraft Spoon Carving Knife with Long Handle 49-SK2Long

$29.85 $18.95

49-SK2Long BeaverCraft Spoon Carving Knife with Long Handle 
  • Total length – 14.37 inch
  • Rounding diameter – 1,18 inch
  • Handle length – 11.81 inch
  • Handle material – Ashwood
This Spoon carving knife SK2Long is a perfect tool for creating your artwork. With the hook knife, you will be able to carve wooden spoons, kuksa, bowls and more. The spoon for carving has a long handle, which allows you to apply fewer efforts even if you carve hours. Its rounding diameter is 30 mm, which is ideal for small and middle size products. The handle is made from Ashwood and covered with natural linseed oil, which is free of chemicals, eco-friendly and safe.

With the Kuksa carving knife SK2Long you can cut both hard and soft wood. The blade of hook knife is made from high carbon steel and well-sharpened. As the blade is double-sharpened, it goes both for right- and left-handed.

SK2 Long handle knife will become a nice new tool in your instrument stock, especially if you are used to applying more force to your tools and are now in dismay about working with palm tools a little. Its long handle will let you put both of your hands on the tool while carving which will change the power application and make it easier for you to carve. A great thing to use if you’re working with hardwoods, for instance, or anything else that requires more effort from you.