BeaverCraft Wizard Carving Kit 49-DIY03

$39.95 $24.95

BeaverCraft Wizard Carving Kit 49-DIY03 Made in Ukraine

  • Perfect gift for someone who is new to woodcarving
  • The kit includes all the tools needed + tutorial
  • Suitable not only for adults, but also for kids
  • This kit is primarily designed for beginners

Starter carving sets have received a lot of attention on our website, which will give you a huge scope to choose from among the wide range of various wood carving sets. Each BeaverCraft DIY carving kit is designed to unleash the creativity of woodcarving for people of all ages and professions.

Our versatile DIY03 Wizard carving set is a complete starter kit for adults, teens, and kids. If children reach out to create something with their own hands, this is only for the better. After all, each woodcarving session develops perseverance and fine motor skills. It helps to train the sense of beauty and teaches you to appreciate the time spent on handwork.

If you want to get the magic out of wood, check out our DIY03 Wizard whittling set, and try your hand at this exciting and captivating wood carving hobby. In this all-in-one set, you'll find everything you'll need for your first attempt at wood carving. There is a first-class durable wood carving knife, safety tape, three top-quality basswood blocks, a Wizard pattern, a pencil, and a detailed video tutorial to give you a pleasant and fun wood carving experience.

What does our whittling kit include?

- C2 Wood Carving KnifeĀ 
- 3 Basswood Blocks
- Pattern
- Pencil
- Booklet
- Safety Tape