Dockyard Tools USA 5 Piece Expansion Set 55-EXP

$100.00 $79.95

Set includes 2.4mm dogleg, 3.25 dogleg, 75 degree "V" parting-tool, 4mm U gouge, 5mm U gouge

Dockyard micro carving tools are handmade in the USA to exacting specifications. Each tool leaves the factory tested for sharpness and proper cutting profile. Dockyard tools feature a 3/8" diameter octagon cherry handle. The overall length of the tool is 5". The new tools are distinguishable from the old by their handles being engraved with the tool and size as well as the company name. 

The third time is a charm! Dockyard Tools are back! Now under new ownership and sold under the new name Dockyard Tools USA. The new owners are already tool manufactures in the woodworking and gunsmithing industries so we expect the quality to remain high. They are back in stock and ready to ship.