FlexCut SK108 Starter Set


56-SK108 Flexcut SK108 Starter Set

This set consists of 16 "SK" series interchangeable handle Profiles, the KN12 cutting knife, slip strop, gold polishing compound, SK100 ABS handle and the new SK103 quick connect power handle. Gouges Includes: 5/8" Single Bevel Chisel, 9/16" Skew, 1/4" x #3 Gouge,7/8" x #3 Gouge,1/8" x #5 Gouge,1/2" x #6 Gouge,1/4" x #8 Gouge,3/8" x #8 Gouge,11/16" x #8 Gouge, 9/16" x #9 Gouge,1/16" x #11 Gouge,3/16"  Thumbnail Gouge,1/2" Thumbnail Gouge,5/32" x 45 deg. "V", 3/8" x 70 deg. "V", and a 7/8" Backbent Gouge. All tools are fit nicely in a wooden box.