Jo Sonja Clear Glazing Medium 2 and 8.4 Ounces


93-3708 and 93-3608 Jo Sonja's Clear Glaze Medium may be mixed with any Jo Sonja colour to create clear glazes or wood stains. It may also be used undiluted as a light sealer on raw wood or throughout painting and prior to varnishing as a 'barrier coat'.


  • Mix with any Jo Sonja colour in an approximate ratio of 1 part paint to 3 parts medium. Increase the paint ratio if the glaze is too light.
  • For clearer glazes, select transparent colours from the range. Use Jo Sonja's Colour Chart to identify which colours are transparent and which are opaque.
  • Use a glaze over sections of your painting to create extra dimension or depth to your colour. A glaze is sometimes referred to as a 'wash' or 'blush'.

Wood Staining

Work on raw wood or use Clear Glaze Medium to lightly seal the surface. Apply the paint and medium mixture (ratio as above). Brush in the direction of the wood grain, wipe off excess. Allow to dry well (a hair dryer may be used). Repeat to enhance colour. Before applying design onto stained wood, brush on an undiluted 'barrier coat' of Clear Glaze Medium to lightly seal the surface.

Clear Glaze Medium as a 'barrier coat'

As soon as your painted surface is dry, brush on an even undiluted coat of Clear Glaze Medium. Allow the Clear Glaze Medium to dry well before proceeding to overpaint. As a barrier coat, Clear Glaze Medium, can be used to lightly seal your painted or decorated surface before the next step or technique. Applying a coat of Clear Glaze Medium provides protection over work you are satisfied with. This provides you with the ability to remove subsequent unsuccessful work without destroying prior satisfactory results. Up to 3 coats can be applied in one day. If surface becomes tacky, allow to dry overnight before proceeding.


For longer working time with Clear Glaze Medium add 1 part Retarder Medium. Do not exceed 3 'barrier coats' in a 24 hour period or hazing may result across your design. Ensure medium is thoroughly dry before varnishing (a hair dryer may be used).